We are not passionate when it comes to the beauty and quality of our 2ct diamonds only, for us, it is also important that they are ethically sourced.


Our main focus is on costumer experience, appealing prices and environmentally responsible origins of our 2ct diamonds.

Based on your personal preference and style, we will help you choose an exquisite 2 carat diamond ring that will provide you with an exclusive experience.

about us

Company's history

2ct diamonds has gathered the team of specialist with expertise and knowledge, who are able to offer you just the right 2 carat diamond ring that you need. We constantly investigate the market to be able to create the most accurate price of 2ct diamonds.

Our mission

To create the loyalty of our clients by being the most trusted 2 carat diamond ring provider in Canberra; act responsibly and ethically to support transparency and sustainability in the jewelry industry.

Our team is committed to expertise, professionalism, constant improvement and attention to detail.